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Guest Comments

Just a few of the testimonials from some of our guests

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Full disclosure: On the one hand, if you choose to stay with us at Casa Sol e Lua, you will enjoy one of the finest and most peaceful settings in Europe in a delightful climate and comfortable, hospitable and very friendly environment. On the other hand, the last 1km to our house is a dirt track with cement tracks in places. You do not need a 4-wheel drive, any normal car will be fine. IF this puts you off we can ferry you between Casa Sol e Lua and a parking area by the tarmac road any time of the day or night.

Also, in November 2009 a delightful little dog visited us and decided to camp in our house (it was wet and cold so ..... what could we do?) A couple of months later she was having difficulty getting through our pet door and then ....... well, now we have three dogs! We have trained them diligently and they are very well behaved. We keep them away from eating areas and guest rooms; but, if you can't stand dogs this may not be the place for you!